Stellairria Windsong[Human]

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Stellairria Windsong[Human]

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Full Name; Stellairria Alizabeth Windsong
Common Name; Stella
Age; 18 Years
Gender; Female

The Sight; Yes
Weight; 117LBS
Height; 5'6"

Mother; Isabella Lauren Windsong
Father; Zenpin Christopher Windsong

Siblings; None, Only child.

Other; Hyakuhei Alexander Darkheart(Yes. He was disowned and thus threw away the Windsong family name. Very Happy )

Bonded Fledgling; Zeyrith!
Guardian(s); Zeyrith

Appearance; Slender and elegant with soft feature and a lovely smile. Stella is pale in skin tone with honey gold hair and sky blue eyes. Current visual reference.

By Aisha Neko

Personality- Inside

Stella is a loving girl, forgiving and overly trusting. Her trust in the world has gotten she and her family into quite a bit of trouble. That however is neither here or there but, does play a role in her delopment. She is still very trusting, more so than she should be, especially of the Fledglings she meets. She loves the words, misses her family, is scared to DEATH of her uncle. If anything reminds her of the man, she will fall into a panic. Zeyrith is her sanity, without having the Fledgling in her life she would be anything but, happy and smiling. She is a whirl wind of emotion and hides it all behind her smile. Stella is afraid of being alone, afraid of being found by the madman known to her as her uncle. She is very clingy of Zeyrith and won't let anyone near him if she feels they are bad.


Always happy! Always smiling! Seemingly care free and gentle in nature. She loves the world and loves her Fledgling. She will show the world her brighter side for, she feels she is not worth much. She does not want to trouble others with her issues. Stella will be the first to go off laughing on an adventure. She'll go out with her friends and just be alive. She will only invite a select few into her true world of fear... No one outside her most trusted will ever know anything but, what she shows them.


Stella was the only child born to Zenpin and Isabella. At the age of six her father was murdered in cold blood by his brother. The crazed man going after Stella and her mother next. Because her uncle was a wanted man.. And as dangerous as he was, the girl and her mother were swept away into a witness proection program. As only they knew what happened to Zenpin. To this day Stella has nightmares over it.

At the age of 17, Stella was given a tough choice, continue to live moving around with her mother or, break free and live her own life. After months of talking it over with her mother, Isabella convinced her daughter to take the family's Fledgling and go live her own life. With Zeyrith at her side, Stella went off into the world. She knows she's still being watched. Knows fully well that it is by both sides, good and bad.

Stella seeks at current, to open a sweet's shop which would also run as a small bakery of cakes and other assorted treats. The girl also loves to train Fledglings on the side! Every Fledgling should know some manners!

(I will probably recode/redo this with MORE info later when I'm NOT feeling lazy. lol)

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