Rorik Macrae [Human]

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Rorik Macrae [Human]

Post  Jeffafur on Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:40 pm

Name: Rorik Macrae

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 190 lbs

Sight: Yes

Personality: Calm, laid back, persistent. Rorik is not quick to make an important decision, instead he'll take his time, do his research, get his facts straight; once everything is said and done, he acts and holds nothing back. Outwardly friendly, polite and often disarming; he seems like that nice guy everyone can get along with. He is actually, but he doesn't go out of his way to impress people. When it comes to Ammit, he is overly confident and for good reason. He is proud of his Fledgling and will refer to it as a 'her' and an Apex predator. When not doing doing something job related, he spoils Ammit and spends time playing or relaxing with her. She is the #1 girl in his life.

History: Rorik was young when he first saw his Pearl, it was on a night of Halloween but unlike most kids, he wasn't out in town trick or treating. He was at the hospital, his mother had taken him to get a blood test, having been very ill that month, to learn if he was in trouble. The blood bag was filled up, the nurse left him to handle some more paper work and this was when it came to him. A lightning fast little orange orb. It reminded him of pumpkins and how he wished he could be out having fun with his friends.

He wanted to get the rob but every time he reached out to grasp it, the little critter evaded him and bounced about in the air as if laughing at him. He grew frustrated but not angry, instead, he grabbed the bag of blood and chucked it at the orb. If he could knock it down maybe he could apprehend it! The Orb froze when the bag sailed at it and collided, the orb seemed to slip right inside and absorbed the blood inside. The nurse came in and was furious, streaks were all over the floor but she didn't seem to notice there wasn't enough blood on the floor. The orb, however, never left his side from then on. Being fed in increments of blood form his hand where he'd often cut a slit in his palm and grasps the bouncy thing.

He grew up and grew healthy and so did the orb. On his ninth birthday, during a feeding time, the orb began to drink more and more, far more then it normally had before and Rorik grew weak. He was nervous but didn't let go, he trusted his little friend.Then it suddenly swelled and fell to the floor. Too weak to react in time it shattered and there sprawled out on the floor, soaked in his blood, was a creature. He was shocked and excited at the same time! He went to it, hugged it tight despite its appearance and it embraced him in return. He named her, having decided it was indeed female, Ammit.

He grew up with this new purpose, keeping Ammit safe and healthy, but it seemed it was the other way around! Ammit protected Rorik and kept him out of trouble. None could see her and when he spoke to her he'd get strange looks. She became away and would growl whenever someone was close to keep him from appearing to have flown over the coo-coo's nest. It also seemed that he didn't need to feed Ammit normal foods, this too made it easier to hide her. She normally left to hunt and always brought back her prey to him before consuming it. This was when he learned that Ammit wasn't the only one of her kind. He made sure to discipline Ammit never to attack another owned fledgling unless attacked first.

Wilds were fair game however....

Ammit has grown some more, as has Rorik who took to working as a Detective for the Police Department. He trained Ammit to be a super predator with the utmost control any beast could have. He caught wind of a special Fledgling group that hunts down evil and uncontrolled Fledglings. He knew this was the place for himself and Ammit and so he seeks to join them...


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