This could get... Complicated...(OPEN!)

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This could get... Complicated...(OPEN!)

Post  Stellairria on Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:09 am

It was the time between morning and lunch rush in the busy city. The golden haired girl knew this would be as good a time as any to move about some... Seeing as her mostly timid guardian was with her... As usual.

"This way... Hurry now Zeyrith!"

She would voice in a hushed tone, moving from an alley way onto the open sidewalk. It was pretty empty.... The office workers busy at their desks, children were in school. With the flick of her wrist, the girl checked the rather elegant silver watch. 10:15am. That gave her roughly an hour and a half to get everything done before having to retreat to a more open area... Like the city park. Behind her, the massive black figure moved along at a slow walk. He didn't want to trample her after all.

'I can only move as fast as you let me Child.... Where are we... Oh no... Not there... Too small...' The creature thought, a soft growl rumbling free of his jaws, large ears falling back. Heart began racing and the urge to play dead began to fill him swiftly. Must... Not...

He felt her touch on his chest... Gentle... Soothing... "Shhh... You can wait outside if you need to... Or try to use those wings of yours more to hang out on the roof." She would wink to him, frowning a bit as she caught his glare. "I'll be fine Zeyrith. I promise... Besides... How else can I make your favourite cake if I have nothing to bake with?" At this the Fledgling perked up some.

Still... He seemed rather intent on following her inside the building. So... He did. Once inside, Zeyrith stuck close tot he girl, twisting and turning his way through the tight isles of the store, a soft grumbling growl of displeasure bubbling forth. 'I don't like it here... Please hurry... I want to leave..' He would gently nudge Stella's back with his snout, as means of urging her to hurry along. Too much time had been spent in here... Too much time... For him.

With a soft laugh the girl stumbled forward, smiling to herself as an old lady gave her an odd look. "Haha. Guess I'm still tripping over my own feet." She idly said as she walked on by, mumbling something under her breath about a certain someone not getting any cookies on the way home. The rest of the shopping trip went by smoothly after that... At least until they walked out the front door.

"Uh-oh... How did I loose track of so much time!?" Came Stella's surprised voice as the hustle and bustle of the city sounded the lunch hour. "Oh crap.. Common Zeyrith! We gotta get to the park and fast!" She mumbled, moving along swiftly, holding two rather heavy and full bags stuffed with baking supplies and other assorted goodies.

Right behind her jogged the large black Fledgling, weary as ever of someone or something bumping into him... And of the dangers Stella put herself in.. Like now for example. Jaws snapped down on the back of her shirt, stopping her from walking out into the path of a speeding truck. They were so close to the park yet.... So far away.

What sort of chaos would find them this time....?

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