Beginning the Site!

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Beginning the Site!

Post  Soals on Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:29 pm

Hey guys, and thanks to everyone who's joined fledglings!

This announcement is to let you know that soon a couple exclusive characters will be released for the forum, designed to lead the Sectors in Tremalo.
You can check them, and the additional info, out in the Adoptions board as soon as their published.

However there is also the opportunity to start your own place/organization in Fledglings!

Three spots are open at this time for claiming, but you must have your idea developed and posted in the Disscussion Zone before you can claim them.
Also I'm looking to hire ONE moderator. It'd be volunteer work of course but I hope ppl will consider!
Keep in mind you'll need to be active to qualify. You can nominate yourself or someone else by posting here.

Thanks again guys!

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