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Christopher Elwire

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Name: Christopher Elwire
Nicknames: Chris
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Species: Human
Sight: Yes

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 160lbs
Appearance: Chris is a caucasian male of a scrawny stature. What he gained in height he lost in girth. Complete with Black hair, and green eyes. He's usually found wearing some sort of skinny jean and white dress shirt and a loose tie. Looking like he's going somewhere fancy dressed as the sloppiest fancy person ever.

Personality: Chris is a bit of a slob. He'll leave things laying around with no motivation to pick them up again. He boasts he works better in that sort of environment but who really knows for sure. He's pretty spacious, often found staring off at nothing, contemplating the universe and all it's twists and turns. He's not really smart though, about average. He's a pretty average guy. The kind to make a fool of himself and cover it up by saying "I meant to do that." He has quite the vast pool of knowledge on the Fledgling race, and sometimes boasts to try and impress the ladies.
But all in all Chris is a really good guy.
Really. He is.
I swear.

History: Chris' family was killed by a rogue Fledgling at the age of seven. Chris himself was in the middle of dying when the Black Sector came to his aid, vanquishing the Fledgling gone demon and saving his life. However he was still left orphaned and cursed with "The Sight" and was taken to the White Sector to be brought up instead.
Someday he aspires to lead them.

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