Ammit [Fledgling]

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Ammit [Fledgling]

Post  Jeffafur on Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:04 pm

Name: Ammit

Status: Caught

Gender: Considered Female

Coloring: Pumpkin Orange & Blood Red(Dual colored)

Type & Charge: Predatory with Negative (-) Charge

Height: About the height of a 7 year old child

Weight: About the weight of a 7 year old child

Age: Hatched after 4 years

Description: Because of it's over exposure to the color red, some of this infants orange pigmentation has been swapped for crimson. It's a very odd looking fellow, with the head of a beast and a body that can almost be pegged as humanoid. It seems it's been absorbing the DNA in the blood you've been giving it to achieve a higher status of physical development. Like most Predatory Fledglings it has a hard time flying or hovering around like the other infants, but the one thing that makes this guy truly recognizable is it's taste for human blood. It makes this infant especially dangerous, as most Fledglings lack compassion until they're taught. If left unwatched this Infant could become a real people eater. It's got gills on the side of it's neck as well, though it has no problem with air or water. The only thing this Infant seems to truly love is you, everyone/thing else is fair hunting.

Personality: Aggressively playful, Apex predator, Training in progress


By Soal<3

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