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Name; Zeyrith
Age; Infant/Maturing/NOT an Ultimate... Yet. But close? idk. lol. He's a pretty awesome dude.
Gender; Male

Height; At current he's the size of a small horse.
Weight; At current, the average weight of a small horse.

Human Bond; Stellairria Windsong
Bonded; N/A

Friend and Foe;
Erebus and his human, Tobie; Zeyrith is still unsure of the pair but, Tobie and Stella seem to get along and surprisingly enough, Zeyrith is rather enjoying the company of the decaying Erebus.

Fledgling Information Section.

A chance encounter. The capture of a pearl.

You use a: SHUKUMEI on one of the Fledglings as it whizzes by.
Immediately upon your deployment of the SHUKUMEI the Fledgling and the Hellhound whiz and run around like a cat and mouse. Pearls are relatively defenseless at this stage, so eventually after wearing itself out the Fledgling has no choice but to seek hiding. But...what's this? Its coming directly towards you! And the SHUKUMEI is right behind it! Before you can do much to react the Fledgling zips up your shirt and hide there, I guess it's yours now.
Better get that HH under control.

The following Fledgling is now yours for the keeping::

You Obtained a: Black, POSITIVELY charged Fledgling [Pearl]. Congratulations!
At this point there isn't much to tell. Aside from their birth color Fledgling Pearls appear and act the same, like eggs.
This pearl absolutely refuses to leave your shirt by any means, it's terrified of any lupin noises to the point where it will make noises of distress when exposed to them for too long. It goes without saying this little Pearl is clingy as heck, and every time you have to change your clothes you know it's gonna be a hassle.
The poor dear.

With loving care, the pearl hatches!

After all that time and patience of suffering through wearing the same shirt and keeping your Pearl protected finally you feel it move against you! You dare to remove the Pearl and hold it in your palms, only to see that the fledgling isn't trying to get out, it's trying to make space for itself so it can continue to stay inside it's protective shell! Unfortunately for the little guy, it seems there is no room left, and as you see the dark mass expand, so too do you see the walls of the pearl crack like glass in your hands before erupting entirely. The long shaped infant plops unto the ground with a heavy thud, before continuing to expand as a phenomenal rate! It grows and grows and grows until it's roughly the size of a medium sized dog, and it's still just a baby!
You obtained a: Black POSITIVELY charged Predatorial Infant Fledgling. Congratulations!

Unlike most infants, Fledgling infants are anything but cute. This is because they are not born with a mapped anatomy and must piece themselves and their shapes together by hand before reaching adulthood. They can look quite ghastly in the beginning. Predatorial Fledglings are a particular class of fledgling born with an advanced nature to hunt and maintain the population. As they age they can become unstable and or dangerous to more than just Fledglings. It's best to handle them with care.
Is it dead? Nah this particular Infant is just petrified of everything but you it seems. It's always hiding under things, or laying around your ankles, or on your lap, or on you in any possible way it can, and when there is nothing to hide behind, it presses itself as flat as it possibly can, shuts it eyes and pretends to be dead like a possum.
Physically speaking, this Infant's anatomy is very sound. It's built sturdy and strong, covered in a layer of fur, spikes, talons and teeth to boot! However at a cost to this, it's lost it's ability to hover, and must fly manually using it's wings once they grow large enough to lift it. I'm going to be blunt with you though, despite all these weapons and physical advancements in your fledgling:
It's really just the biggest baby suck hole there ever was to see.

This Fledgling also seems old enough to NAME now, if you so desire.

Zeyrith is born. His name given.


Zeyrith grows still, along side the girl born into his life. The dark creature feels a bond stronger than any other with the young one. He is learning many things from her and doing his very best to please her. Zeyrith has met a strange creature named Erebus. Although his natural reaction was to play dead. Erebus stuck around long enough to cause the black male to open up a bit. Zeyrith is ALWAYS with Stella. No matter where she is he will follow.

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