Foxfire [F]

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Foxfire [F]

Post  Vahlk on Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:09 pm

*by Red Team/Vahlk

Name: Foxfire
Charge: Positive +
Color: Turquoise
Status: Caught

Gender: Referred to as Female
Height: 10" [or about the size of your average house cat!]
Weight: 8 lbs
Age: Infant
Original Description: This Infant, despite being on fire, is extremely cold to the touch. It's flames don't actually burn anything either, not even the infant, but they will spread at a rapid rate if you don't act quickly to smother them. The little infant is always cold, shivering and running about in feeble attempts to heat itself up. It's anatomy is fairly under-developed, with the exception of it's hands, which seem quite superior to the rest of it.
Maybe once you get to know it better you'll figure something out to heat the little guy up!

Personality: Foxfire is extremely active whenever she's not in a controlled environment. Because her temperature runs cold, she often enjoys the warmth of a fire, often sculpting small balls of clay with her well developed hands. Foxfire enjoys warm spring days, and often suns on warm rocks much like a lizard or a cat in a ray of sunshine. When she's not doing either of those, she enjoys bird watching, and listening to her owner talk about the different kinds of birds.
*By Soals

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Re: Foxfire [F]

Post  Soals on Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:03 pm

Love the art you made <3
However it's Fledglings, not Fiends lol. If you could change that to a little [F] or the entire word that'd be great.

And for yours I never really specified how big but I pictured her to be about the size of a house-cat as a baby, which is average for new-born infants. Whatever you want her to weigh with that and her fire nature in mind is fine by me. Smile

The nessisary changes have been made, and this profile is now valid.

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