Erebus [F]

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Erebus [F]

Post  Anona Miss on Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:19 pm

Art by Soals
Gender: Referred to as male
Height: About 22” - Weight: 6 lbs
Age: Newly Hatched (About 2 Years)

Charge: Negative - Colour: Crimson
Appearance: See Image

Personality: Somewhat creepy. Tends to stalk those he likes and watches them. Doesn’t know right from wrong, normally means well but can harm someone without realizing what he’s doing. Erebus has very black and white views on the world. Nearly silent, aside from sounds of labored breathing or pain. Very weak and small, but this does not stop Erebus from blindly walking into a potentially deadly situation. Very clingy and does not handle rejection well at all; hates to be ignored and can turn aggressive if denied attention. Loves sweets, favors Jolly Ranchers. Especially the red kind.

Technically owned by Tobie.

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