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About: Breeding

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-How it Works
Pearls can be formed one of two ways, and unlike the animals of earth, they can be conceived independently or dependently.
Independently is like that of the first gens. These pearls don't have a mommy or daddy, instead the pearl slowly gathered and hardened energy over many years until it was solid enough to form a pearl and later progress into a Fledgling.
However, that's not what this is about. No. This is about breeding, about the dependant pearls that were conceived from two or more fledglings.
Fledglings don't do the nasty dance to have children, instead they focus and mold their energies together into on condensed spot then split away. The matter left from this act is the condensed energies of a conceived pearl!
A pearl that is conceived, though it may not resemble it's parents, is born with knowledge of anatomical blueprinting that it's independent brethren lack. Given this advantage conceived fledglings are generally larger and more functional in anatomy. But at this cost they are far less rare to come by.
Ba-ba-ba-breeding Regulations:

1. Only Fledglings matured into their ULTAMITE forms can breed.
2. The most powerful fledgling in the pair sways the charge of the egg (ex. 2volt+ plus 16volt- = negative charge bby)
3. Due to the way Fledglings procreate, you are not limited to male/female. You can breed two negatives/positives as well as a negative and positive together. All this does is sway the charge to obvious outcomes.
4. It takes a lot out of a fledgling to breed, so the deed can only be done once every three months rl time.
5. Maximum 2 pearls per spawning, so each owner gets a pearl to do whatevs with.
6. Catching Fledglings is free, but breeding them is not unfortunately. So for my own sanity to help restrain ppl from crazy free-reign breedins, it costs $2(by paypal) for each pearl.
I'm sorry ;A;

But yeah. Das it I tink.
Contact this account by pm for dah breedins.
Include images of both ultimates you wish to combine.
One of them must belong to you, and the other person must be in on this/want this as well.

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