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Creating a Profile

Post  Soals on Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:48 pm

Hello and welcome to creating a profile! You are well on your way to rping on Fledglings, but first, some info on posting profiles:

1. A Profile can contain anything about your characters that you'd like, but at a bare minimum must include: Name, Gender, Species, Height, Weight, Age, Personality, and Appearance.
---If you use images you must credit the person who illustrated them, with the exclusion to fledglings drawn by Soal (Admin).
---Humans need the additional info added: "Carries Sight: (y/n)" If you answer yes you must either include a link to the fledgling they own, or add in their history the events that allow them this ability.

2. If you are creating a profile for a Fledgling, please include [Fledgling] or [F] in the title.
Fledglings also require their charge, and status (wild/owned) to be stated in the profiles bare minimum.

3. The Fledgling must be bred or caught into existence. OCs are only tolerated on NPCs.

Please post your profiles on the board CD board, and have fun!

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